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What You Need To Know When Choosing A New Garage Door

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Deciding on what you want when it comes to choosing a new garage door for your home is considered a gift and a burden by most people. Quoting off one of the more common sayings: To maintain harmony and good fortune for your home means setting up your doors to be ready in welcoming prosperity and happiness. No wonder why such a simple task of making a decision about a garage door could turn out to be such a daunting and challenging one; choosing the right garage door is every bit as important as every other big thing that comes together to make your house “a home.” Nothing else can help this process become an easier one for you other than getting yourself well-informed and up to date with all that it is for you to know about choosing a new garage door for your home. Without any further adieu, let’s go dive right in.

Garage Door Products

There’s a broad selection of garage door styles that you can choose from. The typical materials include wood, faux wood aluminum steel, fiberglass glass (both transparent and opaque), and many more. For a design to choose you can select the option of a completely custom design or go with tried-and-true designs. There’s a wide selection to pick from, and you’ll surely find something that suits your personal style and preferences. Pick the style of the panel you like or put on the stamped (or impression) and finish you like, or even include additional features such as insulation frameless, carriage style vinyl-finished, and additional.


First: Decide Which Type Of Garage Door To Buy
How cold (or hot) does it get in your area?
How windy does it get?
Do you live close to the beach?
What garage door material should I consider?
What is my budget?
What types of garage door products does your neighboring community have?

These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself in considering which type of garage door product to purchase for your home. For example, if the climate in your area happens to be hotter (or colder) than average, then you might want to consider installing insulation, as this will help maintain the general temperature inside your garage. Especially if you use your garage doors as the primary means of entrance to the home.

If your area is prone to high winds, then you should consider what the industry calls the “wind load” option as an added feature to your garage door installation. This feature will reinforce your garage doors to withstand forces and stresses brought about by high winds and protect against damage in the long run. There are many more other features to choose from like swing-open, corrosion-resistant coating, etc.

Of course, the door you pick should achieve your goals, such as using the right materials and installed with all the features you need. But as importantly, your garage door should also be aesthetically pleasing.

It is essential to select the garage door of your dreams, of course, we have to be realistic about our budgets, but your garage door could be what you see every day coming home from work, or from school. If you compromise too much, you might end up regretting your purchase later on. But on the other hand, if you pick the garage door you actually desire, you’ll be happy to see it every day, and it will increase your home’s curb appeal (to boost your home for a potential sale in the future). Most importantly, it will be the first thing to welcome and greet you as you enter your home.

Garage Door Installation

Should we seek a professional to install our garage doors? Absolutely! Seeking professional help not only avoids the hassle of an open and unsecured garage for days and wasting away your precious weekends, but it also guarantees your safety.

Professionals have the right skills and experience to perform specialized tasks such as garage door installations. They know what to do and how to do it, and they have the right tools and equipment to perform the tasks while maintaining safety. If you hope to save money by installing a new garage door by yourself but have to purchase needed tools and safety gear anyway, then doing it yourself might defeat the purpose of saving money.

Also, if the installation or configuration is done incorrectly, there is a risk of improper installation and operation, safety code violations, faster wear and tear, voided product warranties, and worst yet, possibilities for hazards and safety issues.

As you can clearly see, installing garage doors is no ordinary task and there are serious risks involved. It is highly recommended to seek the help of professionals.

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Garage Door Repair

It is essential to keep your garage doors well maintained and in good working condition to ensure safety, durability, and reliability. Garage doors are usually one of the few things in our homes that do not get regular attention since they are a “set-it-and-forget-it” kind of item, understandably.

As with any device with moving parts, maintenance is critical, as they will wear and eventually break if not given enough attention. Most of the time, it breaks down without warning and can at times become a hazard, which is worse. Unfortunately, plenty of homeowners are either misinformed or just totally oblivious. This is why maintenance never gets done until it’s too late.

When garage doors get worn down too much and need repairs due to negligence, repair costs will be higher, since you might not only have to replace parts but replace the whole door in some cases. All of a sudden, it is affecting your day-to-day operations, and the next thing you know, it is costing you way more than anticipated.

The good news is that these problems are common and easily solved by consulting with a professional. They will take away all guesswork from your worries, so you can focus on other things.

A broken cable, derailment, worn tracks, shaking, sticking, etc. are all indications that repairs are due or overdue. Don’t hesitate to consult a professional and ask for a quote, which is usually free of charge. They can also assess your situation and arrange to drop by and visit your home if needed. Just pick up the phone and call.

Garage Door Service and Maintenance

As responsible homeowners, we should perform regular maintenance and safety inspections for major items in our homes, this is especially true for garage doors. A garage door that’s often neglected and unattended can cause a variety of different problems.

At the same time, you want to be informed properly to avoid paying for “extra” things you actually do not need.

Signs Your Garage Door Needs a Repair

When your garage door makes too much noise when opening or closing.

This could be caused by multiple reasons. First, the lifting force is applied unevenly, causing an unequal amount of force applied to both sides of the garage door. This makes the entire door get subjected to undue stresses and forces that your garage door was not designed to withstand.

Secondly, one of the rails (or rollers) might be getting stuck or having a tougher time doing its job. Again making your garage door be lifted with an uneven amount of lifting force.

Thirdly, there could be a substantial amount of warpage on the panels and joints of your garage doors. This happens especially when substandard or cheaper materials have been used for your garage door. It would make it tougher for your motor to do its job if the doors or joints are deformed and in need of repairs.

When one or more springs have been damaged.

These springs are the muscles that provide the necessary tension and lifting force that helps your motor along. The motor dictates the direction of movement, while the springs help out. An entire garage door is usually too heavy for the motors to do all the work.

One important note here is that you should never ever attempt to fix a broken spring yourself, please contact a professional to have it fixed. The springs are wound tightly with great amounts of force, and if the tension gets released by mistake, you might severely injure yourself or worse.

When the eye sensors are misaligned or damaged.

These sensors help determine if there are blockages directly under the path of the closing garage door, when the line of sight between the left and right sensor is broken or cut, the garage door will not close. In other words, if the left and right sensors are not in direct sight-to-sight alignment, or are simply misaligned, the motor will always think that there is something blocking the way when there is not.

Unfortunately, some sensors are installed in such a way that they can easily get dislodged, hence being misaligned with the other sensor. Luckily, this is probably one of the easiest problems to fix.

When your remote does not seem to work every time or not at all.

This is also a common problem since sometimes the method to program remotes are not as straightforward. Or worse, the third-party remote is not compatible with your motor (when you have purchased extra remotes from a different source).

Garage Door Openers: There are 2 types of motors, AC and DC.

AC (alternating current) powered motors tend to be bulkier and noisier. This is the first type of motor used for garage doors. They are easy to install, are widely available and can provide more power if needed, since AC can provide a stronger power current, especially for commercial use.

DC (direct current) powered motors on the other hand are the newer generation. DC motor types are quieter and are also relatively easy to install. Modern DC garage door openers also tend to offer more features including smart home technologies.

Another thing to keep in mind is the chain drive vs. belt drive vs. screw drive types.

Chain-driven garage door openers use metal links (chains) that act as the pulling mechanism. They have been around for many years and have been proven to be reliable and durable with proper maintenance. Although they tend to be noisier, they are the cheaper option.

Belt-driven garage door openers on the other hand are made of high-strength high durability rubber. These are generally similar to a typical timing belt drive found in cars. They last a long time, they are way quieter than the chain-driven type, they vibrate less, and they provide a smoother operation.

Screw drive garage door openers provide the fastest operation compared to the options above. They are typically used for taller garage doors that are the single-piece kind. Because the drive shaft is directly applying the lifting force, no additional transfer gears are needed, where some amount of power is generally lost. Therefore, less effort is wasted and the entire operation is more efficient. Also, chain or belt drives are prone to vibration and therefore hamper efficiency (although chain drives are worse than belt drives).

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