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Types of Garage Doors – Which Is Best for You?

types of garage doors

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As you may already know, choosing a garage door is a big project, which usually involves significant cost and effort. You want to pick the right one not only because the functionality is important, but also because the appearance of your garage door is directly related to the value of your home. What’s more, a well-chosen garage door can become a real asset to your property or business premises. As an experienced garage door company in College Station, BCS Overhead Door is focused on helping you make this important decision as quickly and easily as possible.

Up-and-over doors are still quite popular, while sectional and other types of garage doors all have their own set of advantages. You may choose whatever material is most appropriate for your house’s exterior design when it comes to materials. Wood, laminated steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and PVC are just a few of the options available to you. 

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide on the perfect garage door for your home. Cost is always a factor to consider. The price of a garage door will differ depending on the style, size, and materials used. You should also think about how easy it would be to repair and maintain the garage door over time. Energy efficiency is also something to keep in mind. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, then you’ll want a door that can keep your garage at a comfortable temperature year-round. Finally, think about the security of the door. You want to make sure it’s strong enough to deter burglars and sturdy enough to withstand high winds. With all of these factors in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect garage door for your home.

What Are the Different Types of Garage Doors?


There are many types of garage doors and opening mechanisms to select from, after which the door may be personalized to your preference in material, color, and finish. If you get it right, you’ll be able to improve your curb appeal immediately.

1. Up-And-Over/Tilt-Up Canopy Garage Doors

A traditional up-and-over tilted canopy garage door may be the best solution if driveway space isn’t a concern. This can be operated manually or by an electric mechanism that operates on a pivoting hinge, allowing it to extend outward and then tilt upward into the garage. The doors are constructed of a single solid slab rather than sectional panels, and when completely opened, the door will be perpendicular to the ceiling.

Up-and-over doors combine practicality, security, beauty, and convenience with cutting-edge technology. They may be used in any house as an inexpensive, attractive option thanks to their variety of materials and designs.

The cost of tilt-up garage doors is typically around $600, however, more custom designs might be found for upwards of $2000.

Swing Up Garage Door
Image credit: www.thegaragedoorcentre.co.uk

2. Sectional Garage Doors

The sectional garage door is one of the most popular driveway designs and is one of the most frequent types you’ll encounter. It is simple to use, trouble-free, and inexpensive to build. They have horizontal sections that bend at the hinges, allowing them to roll up and curve along. Sectional garage doors come in a variety of materials and styles, ranging from aluminum to glass. Aluminum is the least expensive, but it is also the most prone to denting. Wood requires maintenance but can be painted or stained to match your home. Glass has obvious risks, but it can provide an unrivaled modern appearance.

Sectional doors are increasingly being powered by electricity, making them simpler to operate. And, a custom-made sectional garage door can be installed to fit any door size. This is especially significant if your garage door opening is larger or smaller than usual. Sectional garage doors are also extremely energy-efficient, and if you reside in a location that suffers from extreme temperatures, they can help to regulate the temperature in your garage.

Modern and traditional designs are available for sectional garage doors, with small, medium, or large ribbed panels for a contemporary look or Georgian-style paneling for a more traditional appearance. If you want to let natural light into your garage and secure the garage contents, choose from a manual or automated lock.

The cost of sectional garage doors is typically around $750, but more custom designs might be found for upwards of $2,000.

3. Roll-Up Garage Doors

Roll-up doors are more common in commercial than residential applications, but they’re a no-frills design solution for rooms with little ceiling space. This design has 2″ to 3″ steel slat pieces that roll around a drum above the door entrance.

Roll-up doors are made to last, and high-performance units may be created without springs or encased to minimize rust, corrosion, and freezing. The upfront costs of the roll-up model are greater than those of a sectional design due to its heavy-duty nature.

The cost of roll-up garage doors ranges from $850 to $3,000.

rolled up garage door

4. Slide To The Side Garage Doors

The Sliding Garage Door slides from side to side, much like its name implies, by bending over one end of the garage and sitting parallel to the wall. These were among the first practical designs, originally intended for garages with little ceiling height.

Lower trolleys are flexible enough to manage minor slopes in the floor or ceiling and run on tracks that run alongside them. Slide-out-of-the-way doors do not require balancing springs and include a built-in retractable motor for automatic operation.

5. Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage garage doors replicate traditional carriage doors for a classic, fail-proof design. It’s a pair of outward-opening (instead of upward-opening) doors made out of any type of wood or woodlike material. These garage doors generally open wide, giving you additional room within. At the moment, they aren’t as popular as other styles, but we adore this style, especially with a double line of fitted windows, and are becoming increasingly common.

carriage garage door

6. Side-Hinged Garage Doors 

Garages with side-hinged garage doors have a hinged frame on either side of the opening, as they did years ago. They’re generally made of wood, although commercial-style galvanized steel doors are also available.

Customers have been requesting these standard doors more frequently in recent years, especially for garages with obstructions or restricted headroom. Garage side-hinged doors may be purchased from pre-hung steel frames or installed into old openings. They can also be operated with specialized conversion arms that allow them to be automated.

Image credit: www.ryterna.com

7. Paneled

The classic panel design is also one of the most popular garage door styles. These doors are made up of four or five horizontal panels that are connected to the hinges. This means that when the door opens and closes, it can bend and follow a vertical curve. The preferred style used to be single-panel doors, also known as swing doors or up-and-over doors. A traditional panel design will enhance the beauty of every home—whether your garage door is single or double. These operate quietly and require less upkeep today, as well as providing better thermal efficiency and thermal performance.


Same Day Garage Door Services From The Experts in College Station

There are many different types of garage doors available on the market today, and each one has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Consider your needs carefully before purchasing to ensure that you get the best possible product for your home.

If you’re looking for a new garage door, be sure to check out our selection of high-quality products. We offer a wide variety of styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home.  

While it might be tempting to attempt a do-it-yourself fix, garage door repair, and replacement is a difficult process that could end up being more expensive than hiring professionals. BCS Overhead Door experts can handle all types of garage doors and can arrive as early as the same day for repairs or inspections. All services, components, and labor are covered by our 90-day guarantee, and our professional garage door experts have years of experience. Whether it’s an emergency repair or routine garage door maintenance, we’ll always be there when you need us to identify the precise problem and fix it fast. To find out why your garage door will not open up, simply give one of our techs a call. We’ll be out to take a look in no time.

BCS Overhead Door is a garage door company with years of experience headquartered in College Station, Texas. Our firm attempts to achieve one goal with each passing year: to create long-term ethical and professional relationships with our clients. Trust that our professionals will go above and beyond to design the perfect new garage door or gate for your home. All of our repair services are backed by warranties, so you can relax knowing you’re in good hands. We will do all necessary to guarantee that you are completely satisfied with our garage door and gate services.

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