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Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should our garage door be serviced?

The frequency of your garage door maintenance will depend on the type and model, but it’s usually recommended that you have this every year. A major cause for concern with regard to automatic or electric doors is when they stop operating properly due to neglecting routine service appointments; if left unattended long enough these issues can result in serious safety concerns such as fatality accidents caused by unable-to-open mechanisms. If you need an emergency garage door service don’t hesitate to give us a call and get a free estimate at (979) 218-9213

My garage door doesn’t open and close. What should I do?

The garage door is one of the most important parts of your home, but it can also be tricky for repairs. If you’re noticing that something doesn’t seem right with its operation or response time (the elevator sounds erratic when opening and closing), don’t hesitate! Call a professionally trained installer of the BCS Overhead Door today who will help diagnose whatever problem may exist before suggesting solutions such as new belts on both opener mechanism and manually operated section; voltage checks around sensors etc.

How long does it take to install a new garage door opener?

We know that the time of your installation will vary depending on many factors such as location and what’s going wrong with previous installations. You should expect an average 3-4 hour wait but it could be less or more than this based on certain situations like if you need help troubleshooting other issues first before getting started again completely fresh. Feel free to reach out to us anytime at (979) 218-9213.

How do I know if my garage door springs need to be replaced?

You may be noticing that your garage door is not working correctly. This can happen if the springs have worn out and lost tension, causing them to droop or struggle when opening/closing; this affects both efficiency at work as well as safety for your home’s contents since weights might cause damage during these moments of imbalance. The best way around such issues would simply seem like an inspection by someone who knows what they’re doing – which includes us! We’ll make sure all parts operate efficiently again so there won’t be any problems going forward.

What are some common garage door problems?

When you try to open or close your garage door, it might become stuck halfway. This could be because of an obstruction in its passage or maybe there’s something wrong with the track and roller mechanism! Another problem people often face is when their springs wear out over time causing them not properly balance themselves which leads us to another issue; imbalanced doors leading up until they fall off sheerly due to weight being put upon one side more than others – this can also result from either minor repairs not having been done correctly.

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